“Chateau la Vieille Barrique de Vin” The Old Wine Barrel Chateau

2009 San Francisco Flower & Garden Show Landscape Design

Bronze Medal, San Francisco Flower & Garden Show
Gold Medal, California Landscape Contractors Association

As the sun sets on a days labor of tending to the vineyards and gardens, take repose in a personal retreat that reflects both culture and nature. Winemaking, historically a symbol of civilization, has long revolved upon the balance between man’s ingenuity and nature’s bounty. In our design, this symmetry is presented in a melding of the hard, sharp structure with the soft, even unkempt, appeal of nature. The shape of the wine cask is echoed throughout: from the gentle curve of the fountain wall to the graceful arches of the barreled arbor. History and Nature cast in a modern aesthetic.

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