Conceptual Design Package

Sample-Conceptual-Sketch-tThis package goes beyond the basic consultation stage and provides you with something more defined. First, your project site is measured and all existing elements and features are noted. Then the Conceptual Sketches, typically two or three, are produced. These sketches are still rough in nature, but they are to scale and are drawn on trace paper, so you will be able to see how each concept relates to the site’s existing features by over-laying them on the drawing of your current property.

These sketches will incorporate your ideas and needs for the site, as well as Arborealis’ design ideas for your project. Based on discussions of your preferred hardscape material choices, accompanying each Conceptual Sketch will be a rough cost estimation to have your project built by contractors.

This package is a great way to get your project started if you a few ideas of the direction you want your project to go but need help making it cohesive. It is also a useful package if you have a budget in mind, but aren’t sure exactly how far that will take you.

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