Construction Drawing Package

plantingplanThis package includes the Conceptual Design Package. After reviewing the various Conceptual Sketches and making your choices of your desired elements, this finalized design is then re-drawn in a set of fully detailed drafted plans. This package includes the following drawings and elements:

  • Site Plan [example PDF]
    • Drafted, scaled plan which indicates such items as hardscape/ paving areas, materials and finishes. This plan also includes schematic surface drains and low-voltage lighting fixtures.
  • Construction Details [example PDF]
    • Drawings which describe and show in greater detail (i.e. elevation drawings) the features indicated on the Site Plan, and provide insight into the construction and function of those features.
  • Planting Plan [example PDF]
    • Drafted plan which indicates location, name, and size of all planted material.
  • Plant Maintenance Guidelines
    • Booklet containing pruning, feeding, and basic care of all plant material indicated on Planting Plan.

The Site Plan, Construction Details, and Planting Plan are the drawings from which the contractors produce their bids. Arborealis works with a select group of contractors, some of which have been building Arborealis’ designs for better than 10 years. We would be happy to bid these finished Construction Drawings out to our preferred contractors, and you can also send the plans out to be bid by other contractors of your choosing.

For any questions about these different design packages, about the design process in general, or to set up a free on-site initial consultation, please feel free to contact us.

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